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Our team decorates your living.


Interior Design

Our design expertise is underpinned by our vast experience;
well supported by comprehensive research, knowledge, design and well collaboration with our clients and project partners.


We team up with our client and experts along way comprehensively. We are aware of every detail and work closely in every step. Solid experience on governmental and tender projects, but we are not limited to that. We set standard directions for clients.

Environmental Design

We are the creative problem solvers. We committed to deliver solutions that work closely as part of the environment building strategies on Wayfindings, environmental solutions and facilities. Our design enrich people's living assist communities in placing space in consideration. Not just providing design but also investigation and strategic thinking. 

With our knowledge in interior design, we may deliver a more experience orientated solution.

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Public Facilities





The team was formed as an interior design division of Polytown Co., Ltd. in 1986, within New World Group (main projects for the New World Harbour View Hotel and Convention Plaza Apartment Block). Since then, cooperated business development had ventured into South East Asian Cities, opportunities were given to provide continuous “in-house” interior design services for the new hotel projects in Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China PRC. The team was later renamed as teamdeco International Ltd due to the organization reconstruction in 1998, expends service segments including external clients. After a decade of rapid development, the team became a running company named teamdeco design ltd. starting from 2009.


We believe that good designs are delivered by comprehensive and careful study in each case and research along with our profession on technical, aesthetic judgment and instinct. High awareness on details, proportions, scale and the spacial usage are essentially important, to make sure space has been worked to its full potential wrapping up with significant concept. We encourage our designers to create diverse, innovative and exciting environments and experience by understanding user’s behavior and each clients’ industry convention, then reconstruct towards an ultimate vision of each project.

Director of Design – Andy Chan
Any of the interior designers can give you glam decoration. But, I always
believe the modern interior design inspires your living and benefits your mind. It is about creating experiences, destinations, sensations adding value to each interaction. Our designs embody detail, quality and honesty of materials, timeless and sophisticated interiors, with outstanding architectural practices.

Director – Ben Lau
Ben has experience in a wide range of sectors including Commercial,
Institutional, Hospitality, Residential and Health Care. He has worked on a
number of teamdeco design’s significant projects including The Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, TI Tower and New World Center Remodeling in Hong Kong.



1302-04 Fu Fai Comm. Centre
27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong

T : (852) 2136 0360
F : (852) 2537 8296
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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (852) 2136 0360 or fill out the following form

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