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Hong Kong Children’s Hospital to open in 2018

The Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, located at the old airport in Kai Tak, is expected to open in 2018.

In its first year of operation, HKCH will open 230 hospital beds, or half of its total capacity, to centralize the treatment of children with cancer, heart and kidney diseases and other serious cases from various public hospitals, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

The hospital’s main building at the former south apron of Kai Tak Airport is expected to be completed by the second half of next year, the newspaper said.

A rehabilitation park with ample greenery will be built within the hospital to provide an outdoor space for patients with chronic diseases.

The hospital will also have a hydrotherapy pool with adjustable water depth and feature cheerful designs and images of animals, such as monkeys and giraffes, across all floors and patient rooms.

The HK$13 billion project will consist of two 11-storey buildings with a gross floor area of 165,000 square meters.

HKCH chief executive Lee Tsz-leung said the new institution would eventually hire around 100 doctors and 400 nurses.

Wards for children with cancer, heart and kidney diseases will be opened during the initial phase. Support services such as anesthesia, pathology, radiation and pharmacy will also be in place.

Lee declined to say when all of the hospital’s 468 beds will be fully operational and how many healthcare professionals will work at the hospital. 

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